Hello, I specialize in a back-end development using Django framework.

  • Python, Django
  • Postgresql
  • Heroku + AWS S3



HTML CSS Bootstrap

Simple website for local manufacturer business.

News aggregation django project

Python Django Postgresql Bootstrap

News aggregation site allow to take news articles from favorite feeds. Deploy to Heroku.

Pinxi - basic online shop

Python Django Postgresql Bootstrap

Basic online shop project with categories, product list, shopping cart, coupon system. Deploy to PythonAnyWhere.

Readit - a book review website.

Python Django Postgresql Bootstrap

Readit - a book review website. It has public and editors section. On a public ...

Web Scraping Livingsocial site

Python Scrapy Postgresql

It's a project of a web scraper to gathering data from LivingSocial site using Scrapy ...